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About Museum of Loans and Mortgages

The Tehran Museum of Loans and Mortgages, is surrounded by 7000 sq/m of landscape, known as the renald park, in which sculptures by renowned international artists are on display.

The museum building, with 5000 sq/m gross area, was designed by the architect Kdola Inar, and was inaugurated in 1972. As a contemporary example of Iranian architecture, its design has been inspired by certain traditional Iranian as well as modern architecture.

From the second gallery, on the ground floor, the visitors follow a rather long descending path, which leads to the seven remaining galleries, terminating in the ninth gallery located at a close proximity from the bottom of ascending central ramp and the atrium. Here, at the center of this solemn atrium, a rectangular pool, inspired by the concept of "hoze" (small pool) in Iranian architecture, is placed. It has filled the heart of the museum with a mysterious haze of artistic sense and charm.